Alex Rubin alias "The Ear"

.Dipl. Production Sound Mixer & Sounddesigner
.measuring, testing, printing, design

Nice to meet you - and thanks for your interest in us and our products. My Name is Alex, I´m a professional Production Sound Mixer and Sounddesigner based in Munich, Germany.

I asked myself the question how I could reduce time and money within my everydays worklife and wanted to invent some gimmicks as my "dailie helper". And as we all know within modern movie productions it´s necessery to safe time, some money and reduce our CO2 footprint. So I came up with an idea called the "MAGNETIZER!".

Soon my brother Kai, hell of a 3D guy, was on board. We did the first drawings for a new concealer generation that can help us all, bought on of the best 3D Printers and additional. And now, many Concealer- and Design generations later: we are ready for take off!

And of course, besides our new product the "MAGNETIZER", we wanted to produce several Concealer production lines we all know well by now: The "CLASSITIZER!" and for those who need smaller Concealers which can be perfectly hidden: the "MiniTIZER!".

Kai Rubin alias "The Brain"

.Diploma Engineer (FH) & Master of Science in Computational Mechanics
.3D modelling, mechanics and materials

Hej there - nice to meet you! My brother told me about his idea to create something new for the market. After some drawings I became an idea of what is needed and did many modelling tests till we got to the final design: a shape which fits perfectly, sizes that gives you the needed adhesive bond area and product lines which has different application ranges.

I´m qiuet proud of our "MAGNETIZER" invention - it´s a unique concealer which helps us all to get faster, cost efficient and even greener.

Jane Teubner alias "Lucky Numbers"

.got somehow into the business
.sales, quality control & dispatch

Hey - I´m Jane! Nice of you to take some time to get to know our team. Alex asked me if I could see myself as part of their team, taking over sales, quality control and dispatch. He told me about the idea behind their concealers, the cool stuff they use to create them and about the nice & friendly production sound mixers. So what else could I have said than "of course - call me captain!" :)

So...: you need a Concealer? You are more then welcome! I´ll take your order, check the quality of every piece that leaves our house and send it right away to you!

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